Capernwrays Latest Attraction

3rd April 2010

With a dodgy weather forecast and the news that Capenwrays latest attraction was now in place a select group of Tyneside 114 divers headed across the Pennines to experience the quarry’s latest attraction, a sunken passenger plane!

We expected to find a crowded car park and were somewhat surprised to find that the car park was half empty. Presumably many of the regulars opted to spend the Easter weekend at home with family and friends.

Soon kitted up we advanced down to the water and headed out into the depths. The new wreck is easy to locate as it is situated close to the entry point with one wing overhanging the Gypsy Moth sail boat wreck. The cockpit area is intact with seats, dials and ‘stick’ controls still very much in place.

Entry to the cockpit itself has been deliberately blocked by a wood and Perspex ‘barrier’ in an attempt to restrict the more destructive elements of the diving community from taking souvenirs. The cockpit area does however look quite impressive even when viewed through the Perspex barrier.

The tail of the aircraft has been removed and is still waiting to be sunk in the quarry. All of the seats have been removed from inside the fuselage allowing a clear passage swim through for the aircraft.

After a thorough inspection of the engines and undercarriage we swam on, encountering a shy sturgeon fish that fled away into the gloom faster than we could swim.

Returning back to the entry point we were ‘mobbed’ by the resident trout. It is clear however that the cold winter has taken its toll as the numbers have seriously declined since the last time we dived this site. All in all a good early season dive in the chilly but clear waters of Capenwray experiencing its latest attraction.

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