Try Diving

If you fancy a try dive, then read on for more information

Try-dive in the pool

With Tyneside 114, we offer try dives to give you a taste of scuba diving in the warm and safe confines of the swimming pool. The benefit to you of doing a try dive is that it helps you to assess whether scuba diving is for you.

Our highly trained BSAC instructors will take you through a thorough safety brief before helping you kit up and taking you into the pool and showing you some of the basic skills.  Afterwards there is an opportunity for you to discuss the experience and collect your certificate of try dive completion.

We make a small charge of £15 for a try dive, and you will need to bring swim wear, towel, and shorts/t-shirt for the pool.

Simply contact us to arrange a try dive by emailing us from the  CONTACT page.

Divers in the pool learning new skills

Who can do a try dive?

Scuba diving requires a certain level of fitness and at Tyneside 114 we follow the medical advice of our governing body the British Sub Aqua Club which derives from the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee.

There is a simple questionnaire for you to complete before doing a try dive to make sure you are medically fit to dive.  Sometimes it may be necessary to see a doctor with diving knowledge first.A wide range of disabilities can be accommodated but please let us know in advance so that we can be prepared and take any necessary advice.

Following BSAC advice we do not train divers below the age of 12 year.  However the guidance does permit us to conduct try dives for children less than 12 years old provided the individual child is able to fit into our club equipment.

If you can't do a try dive they try snorkelling

For anyone that cannot dive (on medical grounds or simply do not like it) you may wish to consider learning how to snorkel. If you are travelling abroad, the best colours and a lot of the life that divers see can often be found in the shallower waters. Tyneside 114 can also run snorkel training.

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