2007 Dive Logs

Oslofjord Wreck Dive

28th August 2007 Only four divers turned up this Tuesday evening, with some of the regular attendees being away on family holidays making the most of the bank holiday break. On the plus side however, two of the group were brand new to the Tuesday evening dive programme. Indeed for Peter Lumley, recently returned from

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The Collier Wreck

17th July 2007 Initially, conditions for a dive did not exactly look very promising with heavy rain sheeting down and lightning flashes erupting across a dark foreboding sky. Despite this weather seven hardy souls changed into their drysuits before embarking aboard the MV Spellbinder for an evening dive off the Tyne. As we headed out

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Diving the SS Hanne

12th and 19th June 2007 The last few months have seen unprecedented amounts of rain over the summer period. These unusual weather conditions have had an adverse effect upon our Tuesday night diving programme from the MV Spellbinder when usually diving conditions off the Tyne should be at their best. Indeed on a number of

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Farne Islands

26th May 2007 The last bank holiday weekend of May 2007 commenced with very poor weather forecasts with strong NE winds. The original plan had been for a club dive on the Sunday with a training dive organised for the Monday at Browns Bay. The poor forecast however resulted in a major rethink, with the

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Islay Expedition

April 2007 Descending down the shot line it was not long before signs of wreckage loomed out of the green gloom. Torch beams cut through the water, bringing colour and definition to the mass of man made debris. Outstretched before one lay the collapsed and shattered remains of a large steam ship. As ones eyes

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