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Gun Rocks 2022

The first dive of the season has been undertaken on Gun Rocks, by four BSAC divers, from our club rhib. The intention of the dive was to remove the kelp from the cannon (under the MMO licence for the site) and to remove the dive trail rope, which we noted last year had been storm

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Inspiration in 2020

By Andrew Moss October 2020 My first experience of a rebreather was on a Draeger Dolphin in the Red Sea in approximately 2003.   Not wanting to rush things, 15 years later in February 2018, I did a BSAC Try Tech CCR day in Capernwray and tried the Poseidon and AP Inspiration units.  A year later,

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Silty Sunderland!

23rd August 2020 Spellbinder dives A bit of grey morning dawned, but at least the sea was flat. There had been some heavy rain in the days preceding, and the tides were very springy – not an ideal recipe for good visibility! But hey ho, if anyone can find a wreck to dive with some

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Not so Glad Tidings!

25th July 2020: Well this was supposed to be a lovely trip to the Farnes, with 12 club divers, diving from a hard boat. Everyone was excited about covid compliant group diving as the GT boats are quite spacious. Unfortunately, we turned up to find that there was a group of 7 on the boat

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