How much does diving cost?

Tiago and Tony after a lovely day diving.
Tiago and Tony after a lovely day diving.

Tyneside 114 is not a profit making organisation and therefore only needs to raise enough money to cover its running costs.

Membership of Tyneside 114 and BSAC gives you access to club equipment and events. Our affiliation to BSAC provides third party liability insurance cover, monthly SCUBA magazine and other benefits.

The branch adult subscription fee for 2023 is £48, on top of which there is a BSAC membership fee which varies depending on qualification. For most adult diving members it will cost about £110 per year in total. Discounts are available for family members, students, junior members and snorkel members. It is possible for most members to pay by direct debit/standing order so membership is great value at around £10 per month.

How much does it typically cost to train with Tyneside 114?

Tyneside 114 Price Typical Commercial Price Typical Saving
BSAC Ocean Diver This is equivalent to PADI Open Water + PADI Advanced Open Water. Tyneside 114 price includes 1 years membership of the club and BSAC, training materials, pool training, lectures, coaching and use of club equipment for training. Entry fees and related costs for open water training sites are additional.


(includes benefits)




BSAC Referrals We also offer a referral system whereby you can complete BSAC pool training and lectures in the UK and travel abroad on holiday to complete the open water dives at an overseas BSAC School




Boat Handling Course and Diver Cox’n leading to International Recognised Certificate of Competence £100 – £130 £300 £170 – £200
Oxygen Administration Course  £50 £75  £25
Automated External Defibrilator Course  £25 – £30 £75 – £150 £50 – £125
Drysuit Training (Small charge only for certification if you really want a badge; sometimes handy to have a badge if drysuit diving with some non BSAC centres abroad)  £0 – £15  £100  £85 – £100
Use of a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) or Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB)  £0 £100  £100
Coaching in the pool or on dives  £0  £10 – £20 p/h  £10 – £20 p/h

How much does it cost to go diving with Tyneside 114?

It all depends on the diving.  Some typical costs per diver (excluding travel) are listed below:

A shore diving locally off St Mary’s Island / Browns Bay

£5-7 (just the cost of air fills)

Day diving off the club RIB (2 dives)

£20 – £30

Day diving off commercial boats at St Abbs (2 dives)

£50 – £60

Day diving off commercial boats at Farnes (2 dives)£55 – £60
Day diving off commercial boats at Tyne (2 dives)£40 – £50
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