2009 Dive Logs

Oslofjord Dive

25th August 2009 The plan was to dive on the wreck of the Chandris. Alan Lopez, skipper of the M/V Spellbinder, on the previous weekend had dropped a group onto a bit of wreckage where all manner of interesting objects had apparently been seen. His aim was to drop us off on the same area

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Shetland August 2009

Written by Andy Hunt Photography by Andy Hunt and Nic Faulkes After an excellent expedition the previous year which was organised by Dave Robson, it was decided to go again, to do dive some of the better sites we’d done last year, plus explore some new ones. The final expedition team comprised many members from

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Wreck Mystery Solved

25th July 2009 By Richard Booth Several years ago, Tyneside 114 use to dive its own secret wreck. Originally, Dave Simpson had discovered the site, whilst he was completing survey work for one of the local water companies. Trips were made in secret, to avoid other divers finding this wreck. Situated in 30 metres of

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Somali Dive

14th June 2009 by Richard Booth It was an early start from Beadnel to reach the site of the Somali in order to catch slack water, but this effort turned out to be well worth the effort. Arriving on site it was evident that many other divers had had the same idea as we were

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Scoutscroft Weekend

16th-17th May 2009 by Richard Booth The problem with booking any UK based weekend trip well in advance is that you are entirely dependent upon the great British weather. In recent years the May Scoutscroft weekend organised by Durham city divers has had something of an unlucky record when it has come to good diving

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Eyemouth Dive

21st of March 2009 After a week of light winds and the magic combination of small neap tides and bright sunshine on the planned day of diving, things were really looking up. On arriving at the pontoon in Eyemouth harbour it soon became evident that Derek had taken heed of suggestions made from the previous

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Dive on SS Shadwan

28th Feb 2009 With a reasonable weather forecast for the day of brisk south westerly winds, we booked another charter on the MV Scimitar which operates out of Eyemouth harbour. Once kit was safely stowed, the coordinates of the wreck of the SS Shadwan were loaded into the GPS and the M/V Scimitar headed down

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