Dive on the wreck of the SS Eston

2nd June 2009



A Tuesday night dive on a familiar wreck off the Tyne but with a difference, namely for once excellent underwater visibility of around 10 metres…

On arrival at the site the shot was dropped and anticipation grew as we watched the line streaming away down into the depths.

We excitedly dropped into the water and descending down the line were not disappointed as the visibility continued on down to the seabed.

At the base of the shot line looking around one could make out the outline of the two boilers and the remains of the old steam engine block.

The wreck of the SS and largely tracks of her Eston is now well broken up and largely collapsed onto the seabed.

Her bow however is still largely recognisable and stands several feet proud of the seabed. Numerous fish shoal within and around this area of wreckage.

With such reasonable visibility it was an easy task to navigate one’s way back across the flattened wreckage to the area of the boilers and the waiting shot line, our easy route back to the surface and the waiting boat.

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