Beadnel Bay – Shore Dive

26th August 2007

Conditions proved ideal for a successful shore dive at Beadnel this last August Bank holiday weekend.

For once the sun shone, and a light westerly breeze ensured a calm sea and reasonable underwater visibility.

The combination of these conditions proved ideal for a gentle dive that allowed Peter Lumley to try out his new drysuit out for the first time in open water conditions, and for Tony and Shaun Horsfall to become reacquainted with diving after a three month lay off after father and son had the misfortune to contract bad chest infections.

Richard Booth accompanied by Steve Hughes also took this opportunity to test his latest toy, a Fuji F30 digital camera in housing.

With high tide in the afternoon, the group assembled along the walled sea front that runs along the seaward side of Beadnel village. We were also joined by several members of Durham City BSAC branch.

After completing the first dive, Shaun became the designated assistant dive marshal, logging the remaining divers in and out of the water and recording their dive details.Those taking part in the dive were rewarded for their efforts by a lovely excursion amongst the kelp and rocky outcrops that make up the seabed within this bay. Plenty of sea life was also in evidence, including small lobsters, numerous varieties of crabs, wrasse and some quite large pipefish.

All in all, a good day appeared to be had by all participants.

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