Farnes in the fog

(May  2016)

By Nic Faulks

The boat was full, everyone had paid, all the paper work complete, we even had a guest from the south coast, but alas, the weather gods were at it again – this time fog. The weather forecast had looked brilliant, light winds, calm seas and an early mist burning off, alas it was not to be.

We arrived at the harbour to find it shrouded in thick fog, like the one James Herbert’s “The Fog” is based on. BSAC HQ had pre-arranged for a photographer to come and meet us at the harbour so that Jane Maddocks, (BSAC Underwater Heritage Officer) could present the BSAC Wreck Award trophy to Nic Faulks (on behalf of Tyneside 114), for her report on Gun Rocks. The photos were taken just as the sun appeared to burn through the fog, hence the squinting!!


Finally we all jumped on the boat, Glad Tidings VII, as the tide was falling rapidly so that we only just made it out of the harbour. Off we went, in the fog, on the flat sea with Michael as our skipper.

We arrived at the Farne Islands, where it looked like the fog might burn off.

Farnes in the fog

And waited

And drank tea

Ate biscuits

Chatted and chilled out……

Dive team

Took photos

Discussed future trips


Finally returning to port 3 hours later.

Sadly the fog did not burn off, so it would not have been safe to go diving, as we may never have been picked up. Better safe than sorry, the islands will still be there next time.

A few more photos were taken and the trophy shown off to the rest of the club.

Divers 2

The trophy is quite fragile, with glass divers photographing a wreck.


Here’s to fair winds and clear skies for next time!

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