Icebreaker Dives – Ellerton v California

6th January 2008

The 2008 diving season is officially open with unintentional but internationally synchronised icebreaker dives.

Andy Hunt and Tony Horsefall bravely set off across the frozen grass for a dip in Ellerton, (a bit desperate I know), a freshwater ‘pit’ in North Yorkshire. Gordon Lambert on the other hand chose to open the2008 season with a dive off the warmer shores of California in the USA.

Whilst Ellerton had zero degrees air temperature and a brisk 4 degrees water temperature, it did have unusually good visibility of 7 metres plus (clearly no other divers mad enough to venture out!)

Gordon experienced a more reasonable 15 degrees centigrade water temperature but zero visibility, courtesy of rough weather earlier in the week! The club season has now opened.

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