St Abbs Dive Weekend, Wolf fish Heaven

22nd-23rd  May 2010

First dive of the day was a drift dive close to the West Hurkur. Mark dropped everyone close to the cliffs with the instruction to look for the submarine gully’s running out to shore. The tide was running but we quickly found and took shelter in the main gully and worked our way along it. The area was notable for numerous friendly ballan wrasse that followed us around like pet dogs. We also found a wolf fish deep within its lair as well as a beautiful pink lump sucker.

For the second dive of the day we headed out for Skellies Hole. This proved to be a very scenic dive with a very scenic gully, which was covered in plumrose anemones.

The following day Paul dropped us close to Black Carrs. The aim of this dive was to find some of the wolf fish for which this site is particularly noted. Close to the rock that breaks the surface, the area is very scenic due to the colourful marine life that covers all of the exposed rocky surfaces. We headed deeper intent on finding the wolfish. Looking out for the munched remains of crabs we were soon rewarded by our first wolfish of the dive, complete with toothy grin. It backed off deeper into its lair making it difficult to photograph. Moving on we quickly located another couple of wolf fish, one of which was only too pleased to pose for the camera.  Lots of dahlia anemones were also observed.

Towards the end of this dive we located yet another wolf fish in its lair.  Mission accomplished we headed back up the reef to complete our safety stops close to the Black Carr rock.

For the final dive we visited Wuddy Rocks, one of the most scenic of St Abbs dive with its large submarine arch and scenic passage. A great dive on which to end the weekend’s diving.

Many thanks to Paul O’Callaghan of Lazy G Diver


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