Black Carrs and Green End Gully: A Combination of Boat and Shore Diving

17th October 2010

Written by Andy Hunt

Photography by Richard Booth

After a failed attempt to get out into the sea on Saturday we resorted to plan B for Sunday.  The main RHIB was already being used for a boat handling course and so we chartered Lazy G Diver at St Abbs for a dive at the very reasonable time of 10.30am and then planned to do a shore dive somewhere afterwards.

It was hoped to dive the Glanmire given the tides were extremely ‘neapy’ but alas the charter time put us well off slack water and so we opted to Dive Black Carr.  There was a vague attempt to find the admiralty pattern anchor but only Richard Booth and Dave Mitchell located it.

 The rest of use went with the flow and admired the scenery in the relatively good visibility and avoided surfacing too close to rocks given the long and very powerful swell.

Black Carr is an often overlooked as a dive but there are some good walls and gulleys around it that are covered in sponges and dead mens finger that can make for a tremendous dive, particularly if you ride the tide from Wuddy Rocks.

 After lunch we headed to Eyemouth to dive Green Ends Gulley.

Despite this site being one of the most popular shore dives in Eyemouth many of our number had simply not dived it.  Andy and Fiona braved Green End Gulley entrance but found the entry difficult and dangerous across the rocks at that state of tide and with the gentle swell sloshing backward and forward.

The more sensible members of the group walked down the concrete path the waters edge on the other side of the little rocky headland.  Both groups had fantastic little dives but those going down the concrete path exited the water with any bruises.


Thanks to Richard, Dave, Fiona,  Bill and Tiago for a great Days diving and Paul the skipper of Lazy G Diver.”

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