Loch Leven

17th September 2010

Travelling back from the club’s expedition trip to Glenuig, the Hunts and Richard Booth could not resist the temptation to stop en-route home to complete a shore dive in Loch Leven. Belinda and Angus provided shore cover as the intrepid trio kitted up prior to making the perilous dash across the busy A 82 road!

Once safely across this road it is then just a gentle walk down a gentle slope to the waters edge.

Swimming out to the large rock that protrudes out of the water we began our descent down a muddy slope before dropping over a submarine cliff. Here the walls were covered with legions of brittle stars.

Numerous squat lobsters were observed whilst the odd fish warily past overhead. We even came across a large red sunstar!

The water was clear but dark, with light levels dropping quickly with depth. At 36metres we levelled out before starting a gradual ascent back up the cliffs to the world above.

 Near the surface we came across a large jellyfish drifting close to the exit point.

Suitably refreshed we returned to our waiting cars prior to de-kitting. Ahead of us lay the long journey back to Tyneside and home.

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