5th June 2012

by Richard Booth

The day saw a good turnout of Tyneside members, and we were rewarded for our efforts by good underwater visibility of several metres, excellent by Ellerton standards.

For some of the newer members, Ellerton offers a good sheltered open water environment in which to experience their initial open water dives. So it was that Michael, Claire and Ethan found themselves in the green water with members of the Tyneside 114 instructor team making the most of the sunken platforms, which allow drills and skills to be practiced whilst minimizing silt disturbance. For Alison, a qualified PADI diver, it was her first open water dive with the club.








So it was that she found herself following Michael and Richard along the lines out to the Primera car then onto the old van before heading out to the sunken wooden yacht. From here it is a short hop over to the caravan before commencing the return journey to the platform.


For the second dive, the trio headed out to the coble wreck, again enjoying the good visibility to explore around this small wooden vessel before heading back along the lines to the exit point. A good days diving was had by all participants.


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