Plan B – A Date with a Stingray

19th January 2013

by Andy Hunt

With sub zero temperatures, mountainous and murky seas and snow threatening to block access to inland sites, out came Plan B – the Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth.

Jonathon and Andy tackled the outdoor pool which didn’t feel as cold as it could have.  Air temperature was about 2 deg C and the water was marginally warmer at about 5 deg C.  Having forgot the underwater suction handles to pin us to the glass we relied on finning into the glass which no doubt helped keep us warm.

The indoor pool is wet suit territory and so Ray and Sheena walked around the sub-tropical Ocean pool (kept at 24 degree C) dusting the coral reefs and polishing the windows to remove the algae.

We had an extra task to attempt today.  The safe recovery of a stingray for some treatment to an injury it has.  Our resident Stingray expert is Jonathon.  Having been stung by one on holiday and survived he seemed the obvious candidate to throw in the water with a stingray!

Unfortunately Fiona noticed another stingray who also had a small injury and reported this to the facility manager.

With this information another course of action needed to be taken.  There would be no medical evacuations of Stingray’s today.

Thanks to Jonathan, Ray, Sheena and Fiona for helping out at another session of Tyneside 114 Underwater window and gravel cleaning.  Thanks also to Liz and Adam for trying to get through the snow to the coast to help out.

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