Rust, Fur, Claws and Teeth – Farne Islands

27th July 2014

by Richard Booth

After yesterdays fantastic diving in superb visibility a flat seas the temptation to go diving the following day proved too strong.

If anything the sea proved even calmer than the day before as the club rib powered its way across the glassy water towards the Farnes.


With the tide ripping around the Crumstone, the shot was dropped by Mr Taylor onto the bow of the wreck of the Britannia before the two ribs went their separate ways, with Seawitch heading over to the Hopper on the Longstone, whilst Sea Hawk carried on to the wreckage surrounding the Knivestone.

For Simon and Nicola, the Hopper was a new dive and they both made the most of exploring the scenic gully’s with Nicola photographing and recording numerous different critters on the marine rich walls.




For the second dive and with slack water approaching, Seawitch headed back to the Crumstone. Tiago and Richard soon descended down the line in the decreasing current and explored the bows of the Britannia before heading back up to the shallows to explore the remaining wreckage closer in to the Callers reef.

Simon and Nicola also enjoyed their dive on this scenic wreck again relishing the excellent visibility and with plenty of marine life, including several seals for Nicola to enjoy.

For the final dive Seawitch moved the short distance over to the south side of the Crumstone. This particular area proved to be a popular playground for the resident seals, and Tiago and Richard quickly discovered that they were the toys!

Throughout the dive they found themselves being ‘mobbed’ by friendly seals that took every opportunity to bite and rub their claws on the divers fins.

At one point Tiago froze after an over familiar seal ‘mouthed’ his groin area fortunately without inflicting any lasting damage! Whilst the play was never hostile, both divers came away with a new respect for the speed, and maneuverability of these graceful creatures.

Thanks to Simon Smith for organizing the days diving.

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