SS Coryton & Plough Rock

18th October 2008

With a brisk westerly breeze blowing, both of the Tyneside RIBs motored out of Seahouses Harbour before turning North and opening up the throttles and speeding up the coast past Bamburgh Castle towards Lindisfarne.

The aim of the days diving was to locate the wreck of the SS Coryton off Ross Sands so that some of the party could complete the practical exercises involved in the BSAC Wreck Appreciation course. Once this wreck was successfully located a shot was dropped close to the boilers.

Under water the visibility was a reasonable 4 to 5 m. Some of the group used the opportunity provided by this shallow wreck to complete various drills. These included measuring exercises on various bits of wreckage, basic mapping techniques, as well as an introduction to line lying and wreck penetration drills.

With everybody safely back on board the RIBs, for a second dive we headed further north to Plough Rock off Lindisfarne. Slack water had passed and the tide was very much on the flood.  Dropping into the water we explored around the reef in the hope of perhaps finding wreckage on this relatively rarely dived site. In the event the only wreckage found was that of the former steel beacon that use to mark the reef. Today only the concrete plinth remains on top of the rock. We did however find an assortment of marine life including crabs, prawns, and some colourful red Scorpion fish.

Once everyone was safely back on board we headed back to Seahouses along the beautiful Northumberland coastline.  Another great day was had by all. Thanks to Andy Hunt for organising another successful days diving.

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