St Abb’s MV Pathfinder dive

Words and images by Richard Booth

Diver looking at dead man’s fingers, a soft coral.
St Abbs diving, walls of soft coral. .

With a mixed group of varied experience, including some for whom this was their first sea dive in open waters, it made sense to opt for two relatively shallow dives in sheltered water, especially so early in the season.
First site selected by Paul O’Callaghan, the skipper of the MV Pathfinder, was at White Heugh, situated across the bay from the entrance to St Abb’s harbour.

Whilst perhaps not the most exciting of dive sites, nevertheless it allowed the less experienced members of the group to test out their equipment and dive weights for sea conditions in sheltered and secure conditions. (pic of diver shining torch onto deadmans fingers)

The water proved a chilly 9°C but with a calm sea.


Diver over Waddy Rocks.

For the second dive of the day however, the Pathfinder headed along the bay into more tidal waters and we explored the two passageways that cut through the reef known as Wuddy Rocks.  This dive proved a much more exciting and interesting one than the first. Thus the day ended on an enjoyable and adventurous note.

Thanks to Paul O’Callaghan for skippering the MV Pathfinder.

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