Tyneside 114 Club weekend at St Abbs

28th-29th July 2012

by Richard Booth

The aims of the weekend were two fold; maximize the opportunity for club members to dive St Abbs whilst also providing training opportunities for individuals to complete qualification ‘drills and skills’.

On the Friday evening various members headed up the A1 to St Abbs to book into the accommodation as well as prepare for the first dive of the weekend from Tiger Lilly. Kit loaded we headed out to the Black Carrs for the first dive.

The sea was calm as we dropped into the water. Drifting down the combination of a setting sun and a bit of a green plankton bloom in the shallower water resulted in slightly disappointing visibility. Below 20 metres however the water was clearer but quite dark.


Dive over we settled into our accommodation in the Rock House cottage, which was quickly re-named the Hobbit House, prior to heading up to Coldingham for an excellent meal in the New Inn.


Next morning saw an early start with a number of members heading up to St Abbs for just a days diving. By 9:00am, and with a full boat of 12, Graeme headed Stingray out of the harbour and out towards Wuddy Rocks. Some of the group chose to dive this site, whilst others opted to dive the nearby Black Carrs. Richard and Dave Mitchell scored wolf fish gold on the Black Carrs with several specimens being located in their lairs. Those that opted for the shallower Wuddy Rocks site enjoyed excellent visibility and an encounter with a friendly octopus.

Later in the afternoon we elected for a dive on the Ebb Carrs, with most of the group managing to find the gully which contains most of the wreckage of the SS Alfred Erlandsen.

Later in the afternoon, Michael, Claire and Andy took advantage of the calm conditions to go for a shore dive and complete some more drills and skills.

Sunday morning saw another early start and 10 members arriving on time for the first dive of the day.

The chosen site on this occasion was the West Hurkers, to take advantage of the flooding tide. In the right conditions this site can usually be relied upon to provide an excellent scenic dive and so it proved on this occasion with everyone reporting an excellent dive.

For the final dive of the weekend we returned to Wuddy Rocks, to once again explore the scenic passageways that are to be found on this site.

By the end of the weekend a total of 14 individuals had been involved in the diving programme enjoying the diving delights of St Abbs. Furthermore Claire and Michael completed the necessary drills and skills to qualify as Tyneside 114’s latest Ocean Divers.




Many thanks to Graeme, Paul and Rachel Crowe for providing the accommodation and dive boats that made the weekend such an enjoyable success.



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