Anemones in New Asgard!

20 April 2019 By Nic Faulks

Paul and Andy – look at all that blue sky!

It’s Easter and the weather is looking okay for a change. Not like last year when the beast from the east (version 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3) ruined our fun. So in between all of the diver training, we squeezed in some salty club diving at St Abbs Voluntary Marine Reserve onboard Oceanic.

Dahlia anemone, one of a variety of colours down there.

The group consisted of Dave W, Brian, Dave L, Si Fish, Nic, Andy M, Richard M and Paul M. A cheery and experienced group of divers. The first dive was on the corner just north of Anemone Gullies. As soon as we dropped in the level of life was apparent, with many nudibranches and other life to be seen. It is always scenic around here, the waves and the currents keep the nutrients flowing and the life growing.

Scorpion Fish, blending in to the background

The sun was out, which always makes for a nice dive. During the surface interval we had tea and biscuits. The second dive was in Anemone Gullies too, but slightly further south. Again life was apparent everywhere. With dead mans fingers, dahlia anemones, horse anemones and brittle stars.

Tiago filling in a dive log?!!

No rust in sight, but I think even the rusty divers were quite happy with the calm, relaxing and colourful early season dive.

Little red nudibranch, munching on hydroids.

On the way home we all stopped for a beer at the First and Last. Nice to chill in the sunshine, but not so good being as close to the A1 as we were!

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