Capernwray Ocean Diver Training

19 April 2019 By Nic Faulks

Markku and Catherine kitting up in the sun.

Having come through the winter, and some training at Ellerton Lake, it was finally time to finish and qualify the Ocean Divers at Capernwary. So on a sunny Friday morning (Easter Friday no less); a merry band of instructors: Andy, Si and Nic, met up in the car park of Capers, with three trainees: Catherine, Ken and Markku.

Caption competition anyone?

The first dive was to allow the trainees to see the lake in all of its glory, fairground horses, boats, aeroplanes and all! After a few weighting and kit issues, all three managed to descend in to the relatively clear depths of the lake, to see the deformed trout and practice some skills.

Costa del Capers

After a break for chocolate, coffee and a debrief we kitted up for the next round of diving. Ken wasn’t feeling so well, so he stayed on land, while Markku and Catherine went in. Catherine and Markku both had really good dives, with Catherine leading me down to the aeroplane, through it, along the wall, then up past the horse reading a book!

Happy Si Fish and Andy M – Gold medal for the instructors.

Final debriefs were had, more tea and a large piece of cake for some. Soon enough we will have some newly qualified Ocean Divers!

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